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KArlsruhe Liquid metal LAboratory (KALLA)

The Karlsruhe Liquid metal Laboratory KALLA located at the Institute for Nuclear and Energy Technologies (IKET) of the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (FZK) summarizes experimental activities using heavy liquid metals (HLM) as operation fluid. Initially it has been aimed to demonstrate the viability of HLM cooled reactor systems for nuclear waste reduction by means of accelerator driven systems (ADS). Today the KALLA activities do not scope only ADS related aspects but also the development of HLM adapted materials measurement and monitoring tools as well as design solutions for spallation targets, pulsed ion targets or other metallurgical purposes.

KALLA is embedded in the interdisciplinary environment of the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe composed of specialists in the fields of material sciences, microwave technologies, neutronics and reactor physics as well as applied and fundamental thermalhydraulics.


The experimental field covered by KALLA necessitates a modular structure consisting of several individual facilities, in which single HLM specific issues are investigated experimentally. All of these experimental projects are accompanied by analytical and numerical programs. Within the KALLA project mainly the eutectic lead-bismut alloy in the composition Pb45Bi55 but also water facilities are established. The KALLA complex consists of:

Stagnant experiments:

  • COSTA 1 to 3 (COrrosion test stand for STagnant liquid lead Alloys)
  • KOSIMA 1 to 6 (Karlsruhe Oxygen Sensor In Molten Alloys)
  • KOCOS (Kinetics of Oxygen COntrol Systems)

Loop experiments:

  • THESYS (Technologies for HEavy metal SYStems)
  • THEADES (THErmalhydraulics and Ads DESign)
  • CORRIDA (CORRosion In Dynamic lead Alloys)

Oxygen control and Thermo-physical property experiments in controlled atmosphere:

  • OCEAN (Oxygen Controlled Experiment contAiNer)
  • Measurement of thermo-physical properties of Pb45Bi55

Water facilites:

  • HYTAS (HYdraulic behaviour in spallation TArget Systems)
  • HERA (Hydraulic Experiment Rack for Ads design)
  • TRADESIM (TRiga and Accelarator Driven Experiment SIMulation)

The KALLA team confesses itself as an open user laboratory for experiments mainly focussed on ADS applications but also offers technological and experimental support to other neighbouring fields. KALLA is interested in international collaboration, scientific staff exchange, education and training scientists in heavy liquid metal technologies and applications. We invite you to take a glance on the different activities.