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Publications 2017

Here you find a list of our recent publications. For the archive click on the appropiate year:



Publications list

A. Schwenk-Ferrero, A. Andrianov
Nuclear Waste Management Decision-Making Support with MCDA
Journal Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations, Vol. 2017, Article ID 9029406, 20 pages, July 2017

M. Massone, F. Gabrielli, A. Rineiski
A Genetic Algorithm for Multigroup Energy Structure Search
Journal Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol. 105, pp. 369-387, July 2017

Worldwide activities: Germany
A. Rineiski
Molten Salt Reactors and Thorium Energy
T. J. Dolan (Ed.), pp. 651-654, Elsevier Science & Technology, June 2017 (Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy, Duxford, UK), ISBN: 978-0-08-101126-3 (print), ISBN: 978-0-08-101243-7 (online)

R. Li, X.-N. Chen, L. Andriolo, A. Rineiski
3D Numerical Study of LBE-Cooled Fuel Assembly in MYRRHA using SIMMER-IV Code
Journal Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol. 104, pp. 42-52, June 2017

M. Massone, F. Gabrielli, A. Rineiski
SIMMER Extension for Multigroup Energy Structure Search using Genetic Algorithm
M&C 2017, Int. Conf. on Mathematics & Computational Methods Applied to Nuclear Science & Engineering, Jeju, Korea, April 16-20, 2017

L. Guo, K. Morita, Y. Tobit
Numerical Simulations on Self-Leveling Behaviors with Cylindrical Debris
Journal Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 315, pp. 61-68, April 2017

A. Rineiski, M. Marchetti, L. Andriolo, F. Gabrielli
Recent Neutronic Developments for Reactor Safety Studies with SIMMER Code at KIT
Journal of Physics: Conf. Series ICNRP-2016, Vol. 781, February 2017

M. Margulis, P. Blaise, F. Gabrielli, A. Gruel, F. Mellier, E. Gilad
The Path for Innovative Severe Accident Neutronics Studies in ZPRs Part I.1 – Analysis of SNEAK-12A Experiments for Core Disruption in LMFBRs
Journal Progress in Nuclear Energy, Vol. 94, pp. 106-125, January 2017